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 Navigation bar explanation

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PostSubject: Navigation bar explanation   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:26 am

Navigation bar explanation.

Home will direct you to TCup's home page where you can watch youtube videos on the TCupUK channel, catch up with TCupUK on twitter, and see instant news feeds of cannabis related topics.

Forum will direct you to the forums where you can keep up with all that is going on in and out side of TCup.

Chat will direct you to are live chat room, you must log in to chat to be able to participate in the chat.

The Gallery host all of TCup art works as well as other cannabis related pictures.
Each user can create there own gallery and add there own pictures to it for others to see.

Blogs is where TCup proudly hosts other pro cannabis groups blogs. It makes following other groups a doodle with out the hassle of searching the web.

Frequently asked questions should always be your first port of call if you should encounter a problem. If this fails then please PM the problem so it can be resolved.

The search enables you to find what you want by keywords.

Members are displayed in this link, you will need to be a member to use this.

Groups: Some forums are only viewable by joining certain groups.

Profile is for all the options relating to your account, such as enabling html or adding an avatar picture.

This is your mailbox for sending and reviving personal messages.
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Navigation bar explanation
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