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 Without the UK how can it be done?

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PostWithout the UK how can it be done?

There is a clear push on a global scale calling for cannabis utilisation, and when we look at America and parts of Europe we can see clear evidence that change is on the Horizon.

Unfortunately this is not the same when we look at the UK in its acceptance that cannabis utilisation is both a viable, and necessary action to be considered.

The UK Government has been increasing there pressure on cannabis use while parts of the world have been much more lenient when it comes to cannabis and its multitude of uses.

They do this under the guise of hypocrisy as they are also allowing a British company to grow and sell cannabis products to other country's whilst still denying this same right to its own citizens.

The UK may well decide to remove this government in a few weeks, but that does not mean the new one that will take power will be any less hypocritical in there policy's.

The UK lacks the same campaign lust as other nations can so proudly demonstrate, this is because there is so much division in the UK cannabis community. However the tide is changing and many groups are receiving extra support for there cause, but this alone may not be enough.

It still begs the question: Can cannabis be globally utilised without the UK?
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Without the UK how can it be done? :: Comments

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Without the UK how can it be done?

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