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 Cannabis Ointment Recipe

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PostSubject: Cannabis Ointment Recipe   Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:00 am

White vaseline, the lower leaves female plants and buds.

Per 500 g vaseline use freely poured half a liter of whole dried leaves (do
not give in grams, since the specific weight may vary according to
degree of drying), a quarter liter of dried female flower
(picker - which should come from quality models).

• 1 part vaseline (use half the quantity 1) and 8 parts water in a wider pot, bring to boil and dissolve the vaseline.
• dried leaves coarsely crushed
• putting a saucepan and simmer stirring frequently for about 60 minutes
• shut down and leave to cool, has not stirred
• saucepan set allowed to cool down for an hour in the refrigerator
• Carefully pick up frozen crust of fat and water, the remains of leaves and stems poured
water from the crust, well prohníst and natlačit into the wider
container with a looser fitting and have three weeks in the dark and
cold proležet (watch out for mold!)
• in a water bath to dissolve seasoned mass and strain through coarse strainer

add the second half of the vaseline, gently crushed and mace, stirring
occasionally to cook in a water bath for about 30 minutes
• let cool and store in refrigerator
• simmer again for a week in a water bath and again next week (total 3 x a week apart)

mixture of Vaseline and mallets bring to a boil again, this time to
direct fire and keep stirring slowly fry for about 15 minutes, and is
released distinctive, slightly burnt smell
• hot mixture through the
sieve clean cloth (linen hemp residues have, famously worked as a
poultice for an asthma attack, as quickly released bronchi, it is also
suitable for bronchitis or facing the painful joints)
• spill into the cups, congeal
• store in a cool

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Cannabis Ointment Recipe
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