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The Cannabis utilisation project.

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 Cannabis utilisation, and not hemp utilisation.

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PostSubject: Cannabis utilisation, and not hemp utilisation.   Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:11 am

Cannabis can be utilised in so many ways and for many different reasons and with the world screaming out for environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to many of the current polluting and unsubstantial products that we currently have available, one is left wondering when the rest of the population is going to wake up and see it also.

Things do appear to be moving forward, even if very slowly and there is many more industrial cannabis farmers today than there was 20 years ago.

However there is also a deception taking place right under the noses of those in the pro cannabis community. This deception is through the slang word Hemp to describe what is cannabis. Those partaking in this deception will insist that hemp has no or low TCH content, this is not fact at all and it should be no different to making the same comparison to the slang word Marijuana, Outrages I know.

(hænep) Hemp needs to always be refereed back to the fact that it is cannabis sativa, and not a non psychoactive plant as those in power would have others believe.

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Cannabis utilisation, and not hemp utilisation.
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